Woodland Super 7’s

Dear All.

After much discussion and feedback with numerous senior teams in the UK this event will now be only a TRUE SEMI and / or mechanical only event. As a result of this decision please can you read the format and proposals for this game as there have been a few changes to the original proposals. The event will still take place on Sunday the 25th September 2011. The venue will be at Warren Wood Paintball in Hertfordshire.

The cost will now be reduced to £240.00 per team.
Each team will field 7 players although the numbers in a team may exceed this. If your team has fewer than 7 players or you are an individual that wants to play in this event let me know and we can assist in finding you a team or helping a team find extra players.

So what do you get for your £240.00?

Each team will get 5 boxes of paintballs with which to play a round robin of 7 games.
Air will be supplied at 3000psi fills.
Each player will receive free tea and coffee all day
Each player will receive a free BBQ lunch.
Max. Rate of fire will be 280fps
No ramping will be allowed.
Hot guns will result in -100 points.
Any player caught cheating during a game will receive a 1:4:1 penalty or a 2:4:1 if the infringement warrants it!!

If you are a newbie to paintball or have played a couple of rental games and would like to participate in this event you can simply hire a full set of kit (ambush hood, one piece camo suit, belt and pouch system to carry extra paintballs and a paintball gun - Inferno) for the event for just £5.00!!!

For this event the top three teams will then go into a small round robin of games to find the eventual winner, second and third placed team. Each of the three top teams will receive a further box of paintballs for this “second round” at no further cost.

The games will be a 2 flag game format. The winning team will be awarded 50 points for hanging the opposition flag.
A "flag in transit" will gain the team carrying the flag 25 points.
If the team beaten still has live players they will be awarded 5 points for each player not eliminated at the end of the game.

There will be a trophy for the winning team.

Should the event prove popular it will be rolled out into 2012 and hopefully there will be 4 different venues with a series of 12 legs.

The first event will be a “self seeding| round”. Then the second round will consist of the top 8 teams in division 1, the next 8 in division 2 etc etc. The points scored in the main round robin will be carried forward to each future round. The "playoff teams" will not gain any further points for making the final round. This is just to see which is the best team on the day. Should new teams wish to join the league after the initial seeding round they are more than welcome but will start in the lowest division and work their way up.

The whole point of going back to “paintball tournament roots” is to stop the spray and pray mentality, get people to PLAY paintball but above all let players know what the playing cost is and to make it as cheap as possible.

Tournaments were run like this years ago and there were hundreds of teams playing this style of “reasonable cost paintball” which is what we need in today’s economic climate. It will allow players who have kids to bring them into this fantastic sport without crippling them financially and brings in youngsters that will keep paintball going for years. It will also enable the rental players to enter the "next level" at sensible prices.

If you are interested in entering a team the game fee MUST be with me by Sunday 11th Sept.

I hope that you will find this an interesting idea and that come the 11th Sept all team places are filled.


Old Bloke