Hi All

The next Paintball walk-on is Sunday 13th November. Our Anniversary game "A Post 2 Far".


It's 2025 and the “Separatists Congleton – Unified Front” (or SCUM for short) has undertaken armed struggle to rid it's self of the chains of oppression form the brutal and oppressive Macclesfield council.

To stop Congleton declaring independence, Macclesfield council has deployed there special forces, the feared “Macclesfield union of freedom fighters” (or M.U.F.F for short)

Today, the SCUM have began to try to seize strategic locations in the countryside around the area. To stop this the MUFF have been mobilised in force to counter any attack.


Multiple posts are located around the game area, each with a flag on. To score points, raise the flag for your team on the post. The posts will be checked every 30 minutes by the game staff and recorded. At the end of the game whichever team had held the post for most of the day will win that post for the day, the scores will then be calculated with each post worth 1000 points.

There are also hidden items out on the field, each worth 50 points. When you find these items you should take them to a marshal who will record that you have found them and you will get the points accordingly.

Other rental dates available possible game on Sat 20th Nov P/M session if players interested, Places must be pre booked

Entrance £20 or £30 if you bring your own paint. Paint is £30 a box of 2000
(But if you want to save money booking and pay at least a week beforehand and we’ll reduce ent by £5)

FREE: Air/CO2 refills

You can rent kit if you need to on the day also run a special on same day so if you have mates with no kit they can come on that £45 and includes all kit hire and 1000 paintballs. Give us a ring for more details or check out web site on this.

Thanks Sharon

Tel 01706 360671 / 07947347262