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Thread: X7 Phenom going full auto with rampage board.

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    X7 Phenom going full auto with rampage board.

    Hey guys, Looking for some help and advice.

    My Phenom board went faulty so thought I would treat myself to a new Rampage board.
    Finally got around to installing it today and everything went smoothely.

    Except It keeps fireing in full auto!!

    I have set F1 To Semi which is fine and want F2 to be reactive, But unless I hold the gun upright she just keeps going despite setting the debounce to 20mS!!

    Anyone had this prob and know how I can go about stopping it? Full auto is all well and good but it burns paint if you cant stop it LOL

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    Re: X7 Phenom going full auto with rampage board.

    Are you using the stock trigger or the fang?.I recently installed the fang trigger and ape board in my phenom and had the exact opposite problem,it would fire great in semi but switched to fa mode it wouldnt fire at all.I had to move the magnet on the trigger so far back it looked like the leg was gonna snap and finally got it working on both firing modes.

    what im getting at is it could be the magnet position.try unscrewing the allen screw that sets the magnet position on the trigger to move the magnet closer to the front of the gun,or vise versa.

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