Hi All

The next Paintball walk-on at OTE is Saturday 24th November, We also have a game on Sunday 11th November and our Christmas special on Saturday 8th December, prize for the best fancy dress.

The 24th is our 7th Anniversary game so we are playing the Bedlam sinario, Small teams of 5 players, the whole are opened up, capture as many flag as posibble while eliminating the enemy.

Entrance £20 or £30 if you bring your own paint. Paint is £30 a box of 2000
(But if you want to save money booking and pay at least a week beforehand and we’ll reduce ent by £5)

FREE: Air/CO2 refills

You can rent kit if you need to on the day also run a special on same day so if you have mates with no kit they can come on that £45 and includes all kit hire and 1000 paintballs. Give us a ring for more details or check out web site on this.

Please ring to book in. Tel 07947 347262 / 01706 360671

Check out the web site for more info http://www.ontheedgeevents.com or give me a ring or email [email protected] for more details.
Shaz .