"Dear All.

Warren Wood Paintball is proud to announce its Christmas Walk on date of Sunday 16th December 2012.

This walkon has a special all in price of just 40.00

This fee includes your green fee, air fills to 3000 psi, a box of 2000 quality winter paint, tea & coffee all day + our top quality BBQ lunch. Additional boxes of paint on this package are 25.00.

BYO paint = 15.00. This includes your green fee, constant air fills to 3000 psi from our own mobile air system, tea & coffee all day + our quality lunch.
Extra paint for BYO players = 30.00 per box.

Want to bring along a mate or two???? We can fully kit them out FREE OF CHARGE!!!

After the success of Angels & Demons 2 SLT catering will be on site for those that need a hearty breakfast and urgent teas and coffees as well as providing players lunches.

Plse confirm your booking by paypalling 10 to [email protected] as this makes it easier for us to plan your day.

For this game if you wish to attend in fancy dress please do so. There will be a prize for the best costume.

The tale Christmas is at stake!!!!

All is quiet at the north pole.. No rattle of toys... No hohoho booming out... Something is amiss!
Santa has been kidnapped by those dastardly pixies The Humbugs... They hate all things christmassy and now threaten to ruin the festive season!
It falls to an elite group of elves, Santas Elf Squad, to save the day , rescue Santa and bring back Christmas!

Join us at Warren Wood Paintball as Good battles Bad this December...
Will the Elves cook the Humbugs goose?
Or will the naughty Humbugs turn a HoHoHo into a NoNoNo!?
Book in now....Santas watching!

Game 1. " Toys R Us "
Field : church
Time :
Respawns : active for attacking team
Objective :
Santas workshop is under attack!
The defending Elves must stop the Humbugs from taking possesion of the factory.
The Humbugs must wipe out the Elf forces and take control of the factory ( denoted by triggered smoke grenade )

Respawns available to attacking forces only

Game 2. " Flag 2 Flag "
Field : tourney
Time :
Respawns : active
Objective :
Each team must battle to capture the enemies flag whilst retaining possesion of their own.

Respawns active for both teams.

Game 3. " Stuff The Turkey "
Field : village
Time :
Respawns : active
Objective :
Within the Elf village are a series of flag stations. Each team must attempt to switch each flag to their own colour. The team owning the most stations at game end wins.

Respawns active for both teams.

Game 4. " The Hill part 1 "
Field : the hill
Time :
Respawns : active for attacking team
Objective :
The attacking team must wipe out the defending team as quickly as possible.

Respawns for attacking team only.

Game 5. " The Hill part 2 "
As above but switch teams

Game 6. " Away in a Ranger "
Field : Fort ranger
Time :
Respawns : active
Objective :
Santa is held prisoner in the fort, so the Elves must gain entry and rescue him! Aggressive play is a must!
Once Santa is rescued he must be taken to the Elf respawn. If Santa is hit he must return to captivity.

Respawns available to both teams.

Game 7. " Hohoholocaust! "
Field : snake
Time :
Respawns : none
Objective :
Simple old school elimination! Last player/s standing gets the points.

Respawns unavailable for either team."
(From ukscenario)

Warren Wood's legendary Christmas walk on.

Hilarity, tea and coffee and a good days balling, we can guarantee.
The weather... well, we have free tea and coffee...

Get booked in nice and early guys, and have an excuse to avoid the mother in law

-- Cosford.