Walk on! Thursday the 29th of November! Doors open at 5.30pm with games starting at 6.30pm guns chrono'd at 260fps and below due to C.Q.B. paint available on site or byo, early booking discount so call in and book to get involved! 03335 777600
Office hours 10.30-18.30 mon to sat...players must book in advance! Top night great atmosphere for all levels of player!
Contact :

Asylum Paintball
Princess Works
Scotland Street
S3 7DD (*** use S3 7BL for a SatNav see below ***)
***This is a new Post Code assigned to the Asylum and may not be recognised by your Sat Nav. In this instance use Post Code S3 7BL. This will come up as Meadow Street but fear not, it will get you to the doors of the Asylum!!***