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The list of the initial sites that will be UWL Practise Venues is now available. We'll be adding additional venues as and when they come along. If you'd like your local site to be a UWL Practise Venue then ask them to drop us a line so that we can send them the details.

Currently offering facilities for UWL practise are:

- Yorkshire Paintball Centre
- Campaign Paintball
- Powerplay Wakefield
- Big Dunks Paintball
- On The Edge Events
- BZ Paintball
- Skirmish Bristol
- Harrogate Paintball Centre
- A1 Paintball
- Ambush Paintball
- Cenarth Adventure Centre
- Top Gun Beamish
- Skirmish Central
- Shoreline Aberystwyth
- Surrey Paintball Centre
- Outpost Paintball

A great spread of sites right across the UK including Scotland, Wales and England.

Each UWL Practise Venue will have a UWL field set up which will mirror the dimensions that teams will find at actual UWL events. The site operators will also have set up the 4 flag format and the field will be yours to use.

To book yourself in for a practise session, simple contact your local UWL Practise Venue from the map and give them a call. They will discuss with you when is a convenient time for your team to come along.

Many of the sites will offer flexible timings so teams could train and practise after work on a week day (more likely during the summer) - just give them a call and have a chat.

By setting up a network of UWL Practise Venues around the UK we hope that teams and players will all have the maximum opportunity to get some practise in if they wish before the first event kicks off in March.