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Thread: P99 RAM replacing defective o-ring

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    P99 RAM replacing defective o-ring


    I'm a new user, so firstly, Hi to everyone.

    I have a P99 RAM, that's developed what I assume is a defective o-ring, since the CO2 is exploding out the gun when I load a cartridge in. I sent it back to the manufacturer a few weeks ago for the same problem. This time I've decided to fix it myself.

    I've noticed that when I disassemble the gun, or even cock it and look down into it, I can see a thin plastic disc that covers a hole. My disc is bust. Could that be the cause of the leak? I would hope not, since the disc is very flimsy and I can see these busting a lot.

    Here is the disc:

    As you can see it's bust.

    I believe the o-ring is behind this part of the gun here...

    Can anyone offer some advice? Do i need to replace the thin disc as well as the oring?


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    Looking at the diagram on the website it looks to me like P9121 is that part, if I'm right then that's the part that adjusts the reg. It's probably important, if you bought it new I'd ask for a replacement FOC since it doesn't look like a part that should fail in normal operation.

    Note I've not handled one of these, its all based on your picture and the parts diagram.

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    Re: P99 RAM replacing defective o-ring

    Yeah, I agree with Cannon Fodder. Replacing that bust disk would definitely be the first thing I'd try. But again, I'm not familiar with the P99.
    Is the leak itself coming from the puncture valve (as in, when the cartridge ejects, is it back the way it came from)? In that case, then I'd suggest the o-ring was probably the issue - it might be safer just to replace both though to be sure.

    This might help too:
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