Rules and Guidelines

Max 280 - FPS
Semi Automatic Only
ROF - 12BPS Maximum.

We fill using compressed air to 3k.
All bottles will be checked for date stamps and general condition.
If you have never filled air before or are under 16, you must first see a marshal.

Barrel Sock on at all times in basecamp
Goggles on when not in basecamp
Goggles on when filling air bottles

Any paint hit on any part of your body or equipment counts as an elimination

If, eliminated, raise hand / gun / pot, shout “I’m out!” and leave field directly

If a cease fire is called STOP shooting at that barricade / player

Don’t argue with the Marshalls decision

No wiping

No swearing / aggressive behaviour towards Marshals or Other players

No Dead Men talking

No minimum shooting distance, but ONE shot only when ‘mugging’- (Your target is automatically eliminated if it breaks or bounces)