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Thread: *****bricket wood news and info for 2014 *****

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    *****bricket wood news and info for 2014 *****

    First of all we at Bricket Wood would like to wish one and all and a Very Happy New Year! As most of you are aware, a little over 12 months ago and trust me sometimes it feels like 12 years, the Bricket Wood Paintball rental site and training ground was teetering on the edge of closure as its financial position was absolutely dire. The crisis was caused quite simply by lack of investment and lack of players booking in to the rental site. Yorkie was basically holding it together with string, elastic bands and bent nails! Since that time, it has been a long and painful road but we are getting there! Money invested in fields, compressor repairs, netting and tyre removal are just some of areas that spring to mind with lots more major changes to come over the next few months, weather and finances permitting. So far, apart from the wages of the full time staff (Yorkie and his merry men, who are doing a grand job!), not one single penny has been taken out, it has all gone back in which has always been our long term plan. Over the last few years there has been essential, and hugely appreciated support from some of the big players in the paintball world and we are very grateful to them. Dye Precision, DXS , GI SPORTZ and KEE Action Sports have all helped behind the scenes as much as possible and I would also like to thank Planet Eclipse, LiPS and DLX for their continued 'massive' support to the teams based at Bricket Wood. In recognition of the support they have given to us, we have now taken the decision to allow only paint supplied by these companies to be permitted for use at Bricket Wood. Their unwavering assistance must be recognised and their loyalty and trust reciprocated. In short, they have supported us and now we must in turn support them. New sponsors, suppliers and supporters will be welcome provided they fulfil the necessary criteria and put in time and effort to benefit the site and of course the players. At this point I would like to clarify that ANY team is welcome to train or play at Bricket Wood and ALL are welcome! Currently, you can bring any of the above brands of paint or purchase them through the site. If we don't have it we can order it for you and store it for you on site and in controlled conditions, it really is that simple! Nearly all tournament and scenario games held in the UK are vendor or site paint only, in truth it's the only way to create a sustainable economic plan. Training sites come and go on a regular basis, Bricket Wood is still here and is the longest running team training facility in the UK and we aim to keep it that way! Our current supporters agree with this and it may transpire that in the future we become a 'venue paint only' training site. It is purely that; good economics = sustainability, nothing more! As I have said, our door is open to other manufacturers and paint suppliers but let me be absolutely clear, they need to bring something to Bricket Wood so the venue can continue to regenerate and hopefully help us to supply the facilities that we need to help teams and individual players to grow and improve. As we move forwards we will endeavour to keep you informed. Sorry this has been such a long post! If you have any questions or wish to discuss this further then rather than clutter the social media groups, please feel free to contact me directly. I am happy to talk to anyone! Kind Regards jon [email protected]

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