****UWL Rule Updates****

The updated rules for the 2014 season can be found here:

We've made a short video highlighting the main changes (I did not choose the thumbnail image for the video!!!!!)


In very brief the main differences are:

1. Two Divisions with Relegation and Promotion
2. Game resets are now done by players by Throwing In The Towel and all resets will be back to the start gates
3. 12.5bps
4. We are going to be MUCH sharper on timings

If you have ANY questions, post them up. There is no such thing as a stupid question and we understand that is all brand new to lots of the teams. If you have a question, you can guarantee someone else is wondering the same thing.

So post up - we'll answer.

Briefing is at 8.30am and games WILL START at 9am. So anyone arriving later than 8am is crazy. Nice and early - we've a tonne of games to get through.