This years line up of great Woodland based games;

An event has been created for each game on our new Facebook page -

2014 DATES

Sunday, 19th January
Sunday, 2nd February
Sunday, 2nd March
Sunday, 6th April
Sunday, 4th May
Sunday, 1st June
Sunday, 6th July
Sunday, 3rd August
Sunday, 7th September
Sunday, 5th October
Sunday, 2nd November
Sunday, 7th December

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Each event consists of;

Entry to Woodland tournament fields - six exclusive zones!
Full day of action from 08:30 until 16:00
Private Games - Completely separate basecamp, air facilities and practice range.
Six highly varied fields in terms of terrain, gameplay and objectives.
Free Tea and Coffee all day.
Constant air to 3000psi.
Box 2000 Branded Paintballs.
Expect to have between 10-16 games!