Walkon fee: 20

Includes Free air refills

Paintballs: 30 - 35 a box depending on type - usually Diablo, Empire, Sterling or Dark Sport - not rec ball, or you can bring your own

Start: 09:30 first game 10:00

Last game out about 3:30 - 4pm

We opperate an uncapped policy, however all guns must be set on semi only. No full auto, no burst fire, no ramping etc is allowed

If you wish to bring a friend along who will need to borrow site kit there is a rental fee of 5.00 for the day

Post code for site is IP25 7EB

Keep up to date with the walkons through out the year with our facebook page too


If you want to come along please can you leave a comment so we have a rough idea of numbers, thanks.