Sunday, 4th January (New Year's Walk-On)
Sunday, 1st February
Sunday, 1st March
Sunday, 5th April (Easter Wabbit Hunt)
Sunday, 3rd May
Sunday, 5th July
Sunday, 2nd August
Sunday, 4th October
Sunday, 1st November (GoreFest)
Sunday, 6th December (Assassinate Santa)

All walk-ons are a 9am or earlier arrival time for a 10am game start.

Entrance: 20
Kit Rental: 10
Paintballs: 35 per 2000

Rental Member
Entrance: FREE!
Kit Rental: FREE!
Paintballs: 30 per 1000
50 per 2000

Full Member (Own Gunners)
Entrance: FREE!
Paintballs: 35 per 2000

Look forward to seeing you folks at our walk-ons!
***A 10 deposit is required, in advance, for ALL players attending a walk-on. Members will have that 10 deducted from paint sales on the day.***

Check our Events section for more details.