Hello All

This is my first post.
Basically i have just decided to get back into paintball at 35.
A good few years ago i about 1999 i had a 1996 evolution autococker and loved it.
It all got stolen so i did not bother buying again.
So now im getting back into it slowly , so i recently bought a full kit for a great price , with masks , goggles , 4 bags of paintballs , barrells a few air tanks and a spyder electra 2009 , yes i know it is not the best gun in the world , but more than i need for now anyways.
So im looking to upgrade the gun and was wondering the best upgrades for this?
And what benefits the upgrades will offer , now i know there are circuit board upgrades and bolt upgrades just wondering your thoughts and what will upgrading the board do to the gun.
Also a company called CP sell regulators and what not , i would like to know exactly what i need to make the gun better.
Also i know there are delrin striker bolt that seem impossible to find and the hush bolt system too which dont seem too expensive.

Thanks for your time