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Thread: All the Fun of the Fair 2

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    All the Fun of the Fair 2

    YPC Presents
    All The Fun of the Fair 2
    Sunday 28th June 2015

    Tickets available from
    Only 40 per person.
    After the beating that local lad took last year at the hands of King Pikey, this year he's back, more determined and this time he's brought his mate!!
    All the Fun of the Fair 2 is all about the game, it's not about as many bums on seats as possible, it's not about selling as much paint as possible, it's all about creating the best game ever. And to put our money where our mouth is, we are doing some amazing things.

    1) Strictly limiting the total number of players to 200.
    We could easily take more, but I think the game will play best with 100 a side max
    2) 1989 gun spec, that's pistol, pump, magfed or super semi (With 50 shot hopper fitted), and to even more cement our commitment to the game and the players, we are making it "Bring your own paint", you know the paint that works best in your paintball gun...... So why compromise. Bring whatever flavour of paint you like and bring as much as you like. If you do run out, we will have loads of top grade paint available on the day in boxes or bags of 500 for all types of marker.

    The Game in a nutshell..
    Remember when you were young and you used to go to the fair... There were games where you could win goldfish, hoopla, hook a duck, score under 21, shooting gallery....... Well like last year, these will be in the game area and open every 5 mins. If your team is in control of a game, then you can send your designated player in, every 5 mins to play the game. If they win......they win a goldfish.

    Back in the safe area there will be 2 fish tanks, the team with the most goldfish at the end of the day wins!!!!
    But it's YPC, the venue that brought you Armogeddon, War of the Roses, Ali G, Battle of Britain 1.5 and The Chocolate Factory, so you know there are going to be some interesting concepts on the day.

    RPG's (Rocket Prepelled Grenades), each team will be given 100 RPG's to use on the day, There will be a number of RPG firing points throughout the game area, use RPG's to clear hard to take locations.

    Mustard Gas, Yellow smoke kills. Each team will be given 10 mustard gas grenades to use when they need to.

    Snipers - A number of snipers will be in place up to 9 hrs before game on, they will be located just outside the game zone, but will be able to shoot into the game zone.

    Team and Squad missions - These will be given out on the day on "Special Mission" cards, they will not be given to the generals, they will be given to players in the safe area.

    Secret missions, YPC has a tradition of madcap missions, remember building a car and taking it to a cruise (WOR4), Baking a real cake (Chocolate Factory 1), creating a poster (Chocolate Factory 2), you get the idea...... ATFOTF2 will be no different.

    Is that it......
    It's YPC you know there is going to be much more. It's going to be multi leveled and fiendishly difficult for the generals.

    King Pikey - Ben Tanguay (Spotty Dogs)
    Local Lad and his Mate (Wolfman and Snake of the Striders and 1989 club)

    1989 Spec - What is it?
    It's a gun spec that can be used on the day, you can use Pistol or a Magfed gun with no restrictions (But no box mags), a Pump gun with a gravity fed 50 shot hopper, or a Super Electro semi with a gravity fed 50 shot hopper fitted.
    Using the above gun spec, we can add missions and features into the game which would not work as well with unlimited rates of fire.
    Modes - Semi only
    280 fps max
    ROF - N/A

    The game starts at 10:00am to the second and will finish at 4:00pm.

    Return Zones.
    The best way of re entering the game zone ever. A designated "Defender" return zone will be allocated to each team. Only players from the defending team will be allowed into this area, attacking players can shoot into the area, but cannot set foot in it. The return zones are set out heavily in favour of the defending team so it's fairly easy to fight your way out. These return zones were first used in Battle of Britain 1.5 and have been further refined since then with more and more barricades added over the last few months.

    Sunday 28th June 2015
    YPC, Escrick Park Estate, Skipwith, Selby YO8 5SW
    Massive thanks to Ash Slingsby for the artwork.
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