As you know we do not allow the sale of air regs on this forum. Some people have decided to sell their equipment "to include bottle but not reg PM me"

The reason for the ban on the sale of regs is for safety reasons.

Some time ago someone tried to sell a bottle with a damaged reg. The fill nipple had been threaded so this person hammered in the nipple so that it appeared to be fitted. We luckily found out about it and removed the bottle from sale and destroyed the reg.

This bottle could have been bought by one of you, especially when you were inexperienced. I don't need to tell you what would have happened if someone had tried to fill this bottle (fill nipple is on the 4500psi side).

It is because regs do not need to be tested at regular intevals that we don't allow their sale and is not just a whim.

Don't become complacent when it comes to air. It is potentially fatal.

Please respect the forum rules when it comes to regs. We do not want this forum to be a link in the chain of a possible fatality, there are other forums around who are quite wiling to let you sell regs.

The ban on regs is a blanket ban, no doubt there will be regs that are perfectly safe. It's the 1 in a 1000 that we don't want.


Fat Bob's